To book your first appointment, call the phone number above and speak with our administrative assistant, or with  with a counsellor personally.  If they are not available, you will be prompted to use the confidential answering system.  This is a voice-mail program, and so you can safely leave a message.  You will be contacted within two working days.  You will receive an appointment date and time. If you request it, we will allow a 30 minute telephone consultation to ensure SUMMIT is a good fit for your counselling needs.

Your first appointment will include filling-out standardized paperwork.  So it is essential that you arrive a few minutes before your appointment is due to begin in order to complete the forms and to get the most out of your allocated time in the counselling office.

You will be asked to provide a list of any medications you currently are taking.  Please come prepared to answer questions about your medical history, and any previous counselling experiences.

You can also make preliminary inquiries through the Contact Us screen.