Faith Based-Christ Centred  Counselling 

SUMMIT Counselling Saskatoon holds to a conservative Christian view,

that "Christ Centered Counselling" begins with hearing wisdom through 

God's Word, and then succeeds by applying His wisdom 

as the key to understanding and to solving psychological, 

emotional, personal, and interpersonal problems.

Additionally, Dr. Richards is a Certified Temperament Counsellor and is able to administer the Arno Profile System questionnaire.  This program bases itself in creation theory, and allows the individual to understand how they have been hard-wired in certain areas of their life.  Knowing this allows a person to see how they "fit" in their world.  This program is excellent in understanding relational challenges.  It is also a valuable tool in career matching.  

If you are interested in completing this personal or clinical profile, please ask to speak to Dr. Richards about it. 

 The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom,

knowledge of the Holy One is insight ... Proverbs 9:10