Wheelchair Accessible Offices


We are located at Suite 203 of the Mid-town Professional Centre at 39-23rd Street East in Saskatoon, at the corner of Pacific Avenue and 23 Street East. This accommodates the  SUMMIT client base, and our desire to provide full Wheelchair Accessibility. 

 In March 2012 we are relocating to Suite 201 of the Mid-Town Professional Building at 39 23rd Street East in Saskatoon.  This move comes as a result of growth in the SUMMIT client base, and the need for Wheelchair Accessibility.

 The office allows for flexibility of hours, and service to a broad client base.  If you need directions go to the Contact Us button, or call 306 652 3787.  There is on street metered parking, and the convenience of the Mid-town Mall surface parking lot across the road from the office building. 


Wheelchair clients, and those with a disability permit can use the complimentary Disabilities Parking Stall in the office parking lot.